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Guys I'm in the middle of a youtube series teaching me about web services using Eclipse/Java

Now I'm kinda stuck at a point and maybe you could help me out. It involves setting up a server and I have no experience with that

In this following youtube link, he creates a 'New Dynamic Web Project' Then using adapter/toolkit installed into eclipse he picks 'Oracle WebLogic Server'

So as the video shows, this requires you to have a server installed on the computer

What I did: I went to Oracle, downloaded the WebLogic 12.1.2 developing free server, 185mb zip file. I extracted those files to a folder, Then picked the right version under 'Pick New Runtime Server' in Eclipse Then as done 01:36 in the video, I pointed to that new folder as 'WebLogic Home'

Eclipse error: The path "C:\weblogic" does not contain a valid WebLogic Server install.

I've been browsing through that folder, and googled a Little to see how I need to install this server, and I can't really find anything about not, not on Oracles site aswell. At least not something I understand

So hope you can help me /Allan

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Okay, so I found a Readme And set the MW_HOME and JAVA_HOME variables now unpacking, will remove this post when I'm done, ready and problem free – Allan Mar 14 '14 at 8:21

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