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After upgrading dovecot from 1.2 to 2.1.7 (while upgrading squeeze to wheezy) sieve no longer does it's job. (And breaks mail delivery)

apt-purging all dovecot packages and reinstalling did not improve the situation, i still get the same error message:

==> mail.err <==
Mar 14 13:40:14 xxx dovecot: deliver( dlopen(/usr/lib/dovecot/modules// failed: /usr/lib/dovecot/ undefined symbol: i_debug
Mar 14 13:40:14 xxx dovecot: deliver( Fatal: Couldn't load required plugins

==> <==
Mar 14 13:40:14 xxx postfix/pipe[15828]: 13B1F19E0792: to=<>, orig_to=<>, relay=dovecot, delay=0.43, delays=0.32/0.01/0/0.09, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary failure)


protocols = imap lmtp sieve

mail_plugin_dir = /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/


protocol lda {
  mail_plugins = $mail_plugins sieve
  #mail_plugins = sieve

protocol lmtp {
  mail_plugins = $mail_plugins sieve

plugin {
  #recipient_delimiter = +
  sieve = ~/.dovecot.sieve
  sieve_dir = ~/sieve

ll /usr/lib/dovecot/libdovecot-siev*

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      25 Feb  5  2013 ->
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      25 Feb  5  2013 ->
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  540304 Feb  5  2013

ll /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/*sieve*

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 18392 Feb  5  2013 /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/
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problem solved:

in postfix mails were piped to dovecot's deliver istead of lmtp

deleting the pipe in /etc/postfix/,

dovecot   unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
 flags=DORhu user=nobody argv=/usr/local/lib/dovecot/deliver -f ${sender}
 -d ${user}@${nexthop} -n -m ${extension}

and adding a virtual trasport to /etc/postfix/,

virtual_transport = lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp


virtual_transport = lmtp:unix:/var/run/dovecot/lmtp

fixed the issue for me

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