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Disclaimer: I originally asked this over at SharePoint SE, but I figured I'd ask it here too as it's more of an AD problem than a SP specific one.

I'm trying to delegate the Replicating Directory Changes permission to a user using the wizard in AD (following Spencer Harbar's UPS guide) but for some reason the option doesn't appear in the list of permissions, along with many others that I'm used to seeing. Additionally, when I try to set permissions for the same user on the configuration partition using ADSIEdit, all the permission options are disabled, despite being an Admin.

This is a fresh install of 2008R2 and SP2010, so I'm stumped (as is our resident sysadmin, who set the system up) - any ideas?

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It turns out that I can't actually read properly and have been clicking on the wrong thing in AD Users & Computers. I'll close the question off...

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