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We use What's Up Gold (WUG) to monitor our servers. A requirement has recently come in for alerts to be sent when specific events appear in servers' event logs. We've met this requirement via passive monitors with associated email actions, but have found that for custom applications the PassiveMonitor.Payload.Message value is Not Specified, whilst for standard applications it displays the message value as seen in the event log (the eventdata in xml view).

e.g. running the below powershell scripts creates a custom log & source and a dummy error entry:

New-EventLog -LogName "Custom App Log" -Source "Custom App Source"

Write-EventLog -LogName "Custom App Log" -Source "Custom App Source" -EntryType Error -Message "This is the text I'd like to see" -EventId 1

However when viewed through WUG instead of This is the text I'd like to see I see Not Specified.


How can I get WUG to use a custom event's eventdata/message in its alerts instead of displaying Not Specified? Do I need to adapt the way events are written to the event log, or is some additional configuration required in WUG? Thanks in advace.


Ipswitch What's Up Gold: http://www.whatsupgold.com/

UPDATE It seems that when using a custom source in the Application event log, all works as expected. When using a custom log I get the Not Specified issue.

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