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What it will happen if 'accidentally' i will connect 2 ports with the same utp cable? I'm asking here since i don't find anyware such a stupid and silly question but i'm curios about it, the router will damage or some internal parts? :) Or the switching part it will go mad? Or i don't know i'm just asking since my network knowledges are not so good.

router: port1 - utp to port2 , where port1 and port2 belongs to the same router
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Nothing in the router will be damaged.

Routers operate at a higher level of the network stack than switches do, so assuming that you're connecting 2 routed interfaces, you won't have a broadcast storm that is typical when two (non-STP) L2 interfaces are connected.

The worst that will happen is that (obviously) no traffic will be routed through those interfaces.

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Thank you sir for your answer, as for switches what would happen, broadcast storming? – Mihai Mar 22 '14 at 13:24
Do some research and find out! We don't spoon feed information here. This site is for professionals, and part of being a professional is being able to do your own research. – EEAA Mar 22 '14 at 13:25

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