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I have StrongSwan VPN server set up on a Debian host, and would like to run a custom script when a client connects to it. The only thing I have come up with is periodically checking the contents of the log file, but that seems clunky.

Is there any way to specify a script to execute upon connection, preferably with some way to infer the originating IP and login information used for that connection?

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You could use leftupdown or rightupdown parameter(s) in connection section. These will run a script specified as a parameter every time a connection changes state:

left|rightupdown = <path>

  what updown script to run to adjust routing and/or firewalling when the status
  of the connection changes (default ipsec _updown).

There are some environment variables which give you at least the login information for the connection changing state, for example $PLUTO_PEER gives you peer IP. For more about available environment variables, see man 8 pluto (or man 8 ipsec_pluto).

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It's worth noting that the script specified will run instead of the default one, not in addition to it. So if you'd like to add something to the default script, make a copy of it, change it to your liking, and point leftupdown parameter to it :) – SaltyNuts May 16 '14 at 19:10

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