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I have apache 2.2 installed on windows 2003 on a production web server and need to upgrade it to the newest point release.

Apache only provide an installer for windows (or source .. if i want to compile) - if I install over the top of my current install will it work? Or is that going to break things.


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Normally, the same branch configuration files are fully compatible.

But you can test you new apache configuration with an other tcp port : read this doc to change binding : apache bind

  1. Install new apache in other directory
  2. Change binding configuration in you new apache
  3. Change your configuration to set modules, files & logs directory etc...
  4. Configtest and Start you new apache and check you site with your new apache
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nice idea, i like it. not the one click answer i was hoping to find - but looks like there isn't a risk free one click upgrade, so accepting this. – benlumley Aug 26 '09 at 9:23

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