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I have NOT found anyone else talking about brute force detection in CSF with suPHP enabled. Maybe I'm not seeing the real picture or need but it feels that suPHP is weak at brute force detection.

Is there a setting in CSF that I need to change to enable this?

Or do I need to change a setting in Apache / EasyApache?

Or in the suPHP configuration itself?

We do not have any issues dealing with brute force attacks on email, and account services, just php applications.

Thanks! Jared

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So what does cpanel have to do with this? Ditch that crap. Seriously. –  EEAA Mar 24 at 22:43
Now if all the world were techs and admins, I'd agree with your statement. I do run my own custom servers with unique need applications, and while they do offer a greater form of custom security, having a community of people to work with in a same/similar platform is nice for security, even when it has its snags in deployment, management, and lesser admin level use. –  user213887 Mar 26 at 19:37

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Brute force protection is what cPHulk is for.

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Well that's the thing, cpHulk doesn't protect PHP. –  user213887 Mar 25 at 0:49
I confirmed cPHulk does not block PHP brute force attacks. –  user213887 Mar 26 at 19:34

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