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I'd like to replace an old-aged Sun Blade 1500 Red running SunOS 5.8 by a Qemu-based Virtual Machine. Tutorials like this describe how to do this with older hardware, but as I need to run SPARC64 binaries I don't have the sources for, it has to be something newer.

The problem is that I need some BIOS for booting with qemu-system-sparc64, and I could only find one for SPARCstation 5.

Is there a way of dumping the BIOS of the running machine, or extracting it offline somehow?

I already thought of OpenBIOS, but couldn't come up with a SPARC64 cross compiler.

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No idea if it's supported, but did you check out flashrom? – devicenull May 27 '14 at 0:42

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