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i've reading about this problem much and trying to solve it on my own ways but still not luck.

I've running debian 7 as nagios server. Problem is that i cant check state of my Active Directory Domain Controller (Win Server 2003) via this plugin based on nrpe scan - - my Domain Controller

NRPE on win server is working and listening correctly:

root@nagios:~ > check_nrpe -u -H -p 5666
I (0,4,1,102 2013-07-15) seem to be doing fine...

but when i try to check AD via plugin it fails with this error:

root@nagios:~ > check_nrpe -u -H -p 5666 -c check_ad
No handler for command: check_ad

By the way: i succesfuly run this command directly from win server:

Here is my NSClient++ config (I've enabled external script checking): C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nsclient.ini

CheckExternalScripts = 1

and add this to bottom of file:

[NRPE Handlers]

check_ad=scripts\check_ad.exe --dc
check_ad_member=scripts\check_ad.exe –-member

Please, help me!

Hi guys. I found solution. Looks like the nsclient has some troubles with running external commands. I didnt want to dig it even more so now i am using 2 nrpe servers on my ADDC. 1 - Standart NSClient++ for collecting information about Uptime, Storage and othet thinks. 2 - nrpe_nt.0.8b - for monitoring Active Directory state

Just download it to server and install it via:

cd C:\nrpe_nt.0.8b-bin\bin\
NRPE_NT.exe -i

then i've changed listening port into config file 'nrpe.cfg' so it wouldnt conflict with nsclient++


Added ip address of this machine: server_address=

Allow connections from my nagios server: allowed_hosts=

Allow command arguments (you should never blame with NRPE!!!): dont_blame_nrpe=1

And finally add command 'check_ad': command[check_ad]=C:\nrpe_nt.0.8b-bin\bin\check_ad\check_ad.exe --member

Here is the result:

If someone will need help with this: you can safely contact with me: fisakov.root at

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Did you restart nsclient++ service when editing the configuration file?

Based on my experience, I prefer to use Winrpe I think it is less confusing than nsclient++.

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Yes, of course i restarted it. By the way - i found solution and type it into question. Thanks for your help ) – Jaels Mar 26 '14 at 9:22
No problem. I had the same problem myself, I found NSClient++ hard to configure and I never got it to work so I decided to switch to Winrpe. – joze Mar 26 '14 at 22:41

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