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I just purchased two 2nd hand Sun X2270 Intel servers and i can't boot or access them. They have a Service Processor installed but i don't get any signal on VGA output.

If i add an ethernet to the SP i see the cable network lights but can't access them and they don't show up in the DHCP in my (cheap AMV DSL home router). If the previous owner has set a fixed IP how can i reset the data. Reseting the CMOS did not help at all.

I have unfortunately not a Seriell <-> RJ45 cable to use the console. But why does an attached VGA and USB keyboard not work to get into the BIOS/ILOM ?

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Initial configuration is usually done over the serial port. In theory you can do without it but debugging any problems is done blind - you can't see if it is set to use a static address or it is trying DHCP etc.

NET MGT port: After the initial configuration of the system using the SER MGT port, communication with the SP and host is usually performed through this Ethernet interface.

The Sun Fire X2270 Server Getting Started Guide goes over this.

More details are in the Sun Fire™ X2270 Server Installation Guide.

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Thanks i had to buy this serial cable. The settings was at static IP but with no IP given. Wasn't able to fix otherwise. – Lothar Mar 30 '14 at 8:36

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