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I have a program that generates CMC certificate requests with a CRMF Request Body. When I submit this request to a certification authority running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise it always fails with the error

ASN1 corrupted data. 0x80093103 (ASN: 259)

Unfortunately that error doesn't tell me what is wrong with the request.

According to Microsoft's documentation for the Windows Client Certificate Enrollment Protocol the CMC Request Format supports the CertReqMsg field which is used for CRMF requests.

I have tried a CMC request with a PKCS10 Request Body and it was processed and a certificate was issued.

I also checked the format of the requests and compared it to an example request with an ASN.1 decoder and the format seems to be correct. The example request is also rejected by the CA with the same error.

So I was wondering if CMC requests with a CRMF request body are actually supported or are there any special requirements for the request needed by the certification authority that are normally optional in the specification?

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