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I've just installed Debian Wheezy on a Dell C-Series Server w/o any problems. However, at first reboot, I don't even get a GRUB menu. So I guess it's a problem with where GRUB was installed and maybe the RAID configuration.

The server has 6 HD's, 2 being system disks configured as RAID 1, 4 SSD's for data configured as RAID 0. The first two were recognized as /dev/sdc, the additional four as /dev/sdb and the USB boot stick from which I installed Debian as /dev/sda.

During installation Debian was suggesting to install GRUB to the MBR of /dev/sdc. The entries in /etc/fstab use UUID's so the problem can't be non persistent device names over reboot. I've tried to manually re-install GRUB using grub-install /dev/sdc as well as grub-install '(hd2)' which, according to /boot/grub/, is GRUB's way of saying /dev/sdc. Both returned No error occurred.

However, I still can't reboot the server. I'm feel like I'm making a stupid rookie mistake. Any advice?

For the sake of completeness I'M using Debian Wheezy 7.4.

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