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I am new on Microsoft products.

On my server installed FastCGI, and should I need install ISAPI for mod_rewrite?

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You should be able to use this help guide here installing the ISAPI_Rewrite module here:

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So that FastCgi cannot make it for mod_rewrite? – YOSTOki Mar 31 '14 at 8:32

The ability to perform rewrites is not built in to IIS6 (IIS7 has it). In order to achieve this functionality in IIS6, we'll need a third-party utility. As Nugget pointed out, I have an article on my blog regarding the configuration of a donation-ware product that achieves this.

Side note - while it is donation-ware, I've been unable to contact the author of the product, and all donate links in the documentation (at last check) are dead.

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