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I wrote a custom module that hooks into the Application_Error event of ASP.NET to write a user friendly error message instead of the YSOD. This works great on my development machine running on the built-in visual studio web server. When I move it over to IIS 7, my module is not even being invoked.

I did a failed request trace and it listed a VIRTUAL MODULE UNRESOLVED event for my (as well as a few others) module. So it seems like the module is not being found, but I can't find any information on this event in google.

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I found that one of my problems was a permissions issue. I was writing out to a log file on the c:\ drive and it didn't like that. I removed all of that code. It still doesn't work, but if I call HttpContext.Current.ClearError() my friendly error message displays correctly. I don't want to do this because it send the WebErrorEvent to HealthMonitoring and I don't get emailed. It seems IIS ignores the Response.End() call. – awilinsk Aug 25 '09 at 20:35
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Found this blog post which explains the problem I as having.

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