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HP have a special type of cards they call FlexibleLOM, and I can't figure out what the differences are of the following



What do I get from going from 530 to 560?

What is the difference of FLR-SFP+ and SFP+?

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Different chipsets. Broadcom, Qlogic, etc. – ewwhite Apr 3 '14 at 13:49
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In doing some research, FLR-SPF+ is different because the actual module is "modular" instead of embedded on the board. Because of this, you can swap out the connection types as needed (Ethernet, Fiber, etc) without having to consume additional PCI ports. Starting with Gen 8, the servers come with one of these modules.

As for the 530/560 differences, HP doesn't give out detailed specs of these cards. I can only assume that the 560 has the edge features and performance-wise since it appears to be using a newer chip.

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