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I have a VPS with three IPs. They're all on completely unrelated IPs (one is, another is 107.161.xx.xx, a third is

If I go to (for example, that won't actually be the subdomain), I want it to go to Going to would just go to 107.161.xx.xx, and going to would go to

Is this possible?

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One-word answers are somewhat discouraged here and I don't think you would find "Yes" to be very helpful. Could you add to your question what you have tried already and what problems you ran into? – Ladadadada Apr 4 '14 at 0:36
@Ladadadada I'm not asking if I can do it, I'm asking how. Does that fix it or is it still against the rules? – user215103 Apr 4 '14 at 0:40

You just need to create 3 different A records in your DNS service pointing the domain or subdomains to the different ip addresses and then in apache create 3 different virtual hosts (one per domain/subdomain) bound each to its respective ip.

A reason to do this would be to use https, otherwise it's not needed in general since you can serve multiple domains and subdomains from the same ip address.

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