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I'm looking to get my hands on packet captures showing a hello packet from OSPFv2 configured to use HMAC-SHA1 for authentication, or to find software that supports such a mode that I could use to generate packets.

Every cisco router I have available to me doesn't have new-enough software to support the RFC5709 extensions; I tried quaggle and openospfd, both of which don't have support for it, and I looked at pfSense, which doesn't support ospf at all.

I looked on a few packet capture sites like packetlife and could only find MD5 captures.

Ultimately, I'm looking to verify my custom implementation of RFC5709, but I haven't anything to test against.

Can anybody provide such a packet capture, or does anybody know of software implementations of OSPF that support it?

If you could provide a capture, could you also provide the key, so that I can generate my own packet with that key and compare?

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