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I have server with Ubuntu 12.

Motherboard - p5kpl-am in/roem/si, Processor - E6600, Erthernet card - TP-link tg-3269, Integrated ethernet card - is disabled

Ethernet card and motherboard are compatible with Wake on LAN. They don't have MOLEX connector for the extra power cable - maybe this is because the card is not powered when commputer is switched off.

At the moment I set DHCP on this card and at the router (TL-WDR4300) IP reservation:

ID  MAC Address        Reserved IP Address  Status
3   64-66-B3-xx-xx-xx         Enabled

Before, I tried with static IP that I set at card, but it was similar as with DHCP.

In bios I have:

  • Power On By External Modems
  • Enable Power On By PCI Devices
  • Enable Power On By PCIE Devices
  • Enable Suspend Mode - S1

I'm considering "Restore on AC Power Loss" because after shutdown ethnernet card will be stil waiting at the WOL signal.

On the motherboard I had two connctor activating wake on PS2 and USB, I set them both to enable and thanks to I can wake my wake my computer with keyboard only ethernet card still can't wake it up.

At PC with Win 7 I launched Wireshark with filter

"eth.addr == ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff && (udp.port == 7 || udp.port == 9)" 

From command line I sent:

wolcmd 64:66:b3:xx:xx:xx 9

I get replay:

Wake On Lan signal sent to Mac Address 64:66:b3:xx:xx:xx via Broadcast Address on port 9

On the Wireshark I get:

1686 67.178087000 WOL 144 MagicPacket for Tp-LinkT_xx:xx:xx (64:66:b3:xx:xx:xx)

I've been struggling with this problem for two weeks now and I still haven't been able to find the solution.

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