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a MacBook Pro is not synchronizing correctly the E-Mails to an Exchange Server 2007.

Situation: We are using a SBS2008 with Exchange 2003. Users are connecting from HomeOffice via Outlook Anywhere (RPC oder HTTP) to this server and everything is working fine. One User (with a mailbox of 17 GB) is using a MacBook Pro at home. He has as example the problem, that E-Mails marked as read in his MacBook (at home) are not marked as read in his Outlook (in the Office). Also if me moves an E-Mail to another folder (on the MAC), this E-Mail is not moving in his Outlook (in the office).

If I do the same things with his Account from a Windows PC everything is working fine. Same: As he brought his MacBook into the enterprise, connecting to the LAN everything is working fine.

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What software does the home user have on his MacBook Pro? Outlook? Apple Mail? –  ewwhite Apr 6 at 22:00

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