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I've read dozens tutorials and howtos but none of them helps me with the following problem. I have three machines:

  1. NAS server with iSCSI target on it which is registered in iSNS server.
  2. Solaris machine hosting iSNS server.
  3. Ubuntu machine acting as a client.

What I want to achieve is to use iSNS on machine 2 to perform discoveries, but that always fails with:

$ sudo iscsiadm -m discovery -t isns -p
iscsiadm: No portals found

But I've found that the discovery on the Solaris box doesn't work as well even if I did:

# iscsiadm modify discovery --iSNS enable
# iscsiadm list discovery
    Static: disabled
    Send Targets: enabled
    iSNS: enabled
# iscsiadm list target -vS

According to all tutorials I saw that should work. The iSNS server contains as following:

# isnsadm list-node -v
iSCSI Name: iqn.2014-04.test:foobar-s.foobar
    Alias: ashford
    Type: Target
    Network Entity: 3.63-15-8e-eb-97-0f
        Portal Group: 1
    DD Name: Default
iSCSI Name: iqn.1986-03.com.sun:01:00905ed502ff.533d983a
    Alias: openindiana
    Type: Initiator
    Network Entity: iqn.1986-03.com.sun:01:00905ed502ff.533d983a
            Portal Group: 1
    DD Name: Default

I am open to any ideas how to make this stuff working (cooperating) together.

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