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I'm attempting to create a pflog interface using ifconfig so I can log to more than one file and when I attempt to execute the following command I get this error. I'm attempting this on a vanilla install of the latest FreeBSD.

freebsd# ifconfig create pflog1
ifconfig: interface create does not exist

Any ideas on how to create a second pflog interface? I cannot seem to find any documentation on this and all the books I can find refer to the above command as if it should work with no trouble... =(

Also some more errors:

freebsd# ifconfig -C
lo gif ppp tun faith
freebsd# ifconfig create ppp1
ifconfig: interface create does not exist
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you can listen multiple times on the same pflog0 and use bpf filters to split them up

pflogd0 -f /var/log/pf.blocked action block
pflogd0 -f /var/log/pf.passed action pass
pflogd0 -f /var/log/pf.rule.15 rulenum 15
pflogd0 -f /var/log/pf.fxp0 on fxp0

(c) Mike Frantzen

PS. right syntax is ifconfig pflog1 create

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