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I have to install many user's computer with WinXP and some useful software. It's a bit boring to click on "Next" and "Yes" each time I install something.

  • Is there any script (or command line) that allows me to install software and automatically answer "Yes" and "Next" to all questions?
  • Can I install everything without prompting "setup windows"?

It would make my work eaiser and faster.

Thanks in advance.

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WPKG makes for an excellent way of installing software. You can't just auto-click next, but its flexible enough to allow you to run msiexec for your silent install msi files as well as custom commands for whatever else you run.

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has information about application deploy, not all the software are in the list, but it's better than nothing.

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AutoIT is fantastic, there are others but i've set up many auto-installs with this.

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You would be better off setting up one machine, taking an image of it and deploying that image. There are numerous ways to do this. It's not practical to write a tutorial here but fortunately a lot of other people have already written them. A bit of Googling should turn up plenty of articles on the various deployment methods.

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I agree it's a useful technique, but it only works when all machines have the same hardware (or at the very least the same mainboard). Otherwise XP might not work at all. – Adrian Grigore Aug 26 '09 at 8:12
True, although I've personally never had a problem doing this. At worst I've had to update the drivers afterwards. – John Gardeniers Aug 26 '09 at 8:30

u can use nilte to customise instalation of winxp; and add all sort of software by this "" There is option of unattended install.

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