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I've read from multiple sources now that you can't have query caches with Galera, but my current application could really benefit from a query cache. I'm load-balancing this cluster with HAProxy and am curious if HAProxy has any kind of caching ability or if there is an easy solution to this problem I'm just missing?

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You could run into inconsistent data if you introduce separate caches elsewhere than inside MySQL. And I think that is the reason in the first place why Galera has no query cache.

The application should have its own cache with memcached, where required data would be stored.

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Since MariaDB Galera cluster versions 5.5.40 and 10.0.14 you can use the query cache. Earlier versions do NOT support the query cache.

See https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/documentation/optimization-and-tuning/buffers-caches-and-threads/query-cache/#limitations

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