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Am I missing something but is there no way to add a route via CloudFormation to the default route table that comes provisioned with a VPC?

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Nah you can't, there's nothing to refer to anyway (e.g. logical ID). Just create your own main table ;-).

This is probably one of the reason it can't be used:

One way to protect your VPC is to leave the main route table in its original default state (with only the local route), and explicitly associate each new subnet you create with one of the custom route tables you've created. This ensures that you must explicitly control how each subnet's outbound traffic is routed.

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Sounds like a chore. – Sleeper Smith Apr 15 '14 at 15:17
Think that's bad? Wait until you separate out your templates so that each one has only a single responsibility, with a parent template pulling smaller ones into a larger stack... now you have to pass both the VPC and the RouteTable from one template to all your other child templates. This, despite the fact the RouteTable already knows which VPC it's a part of, but you can't extract that information from it.</rant> – DanielM Aug 11 at 20:14
@DanielM Sounds like a job for . Looks like we have the same gripe. :D hahahaha. – Sleeper Smith Aug 16 at 1:57

Of course you can edit it. What makes you think you can't?

In any case, it's trivial to create a new routing table if need be.

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Through CloudFormation. How? – Sleeper Smith Apr 15 '14 at 5:33
While the question was phrased as a yes/no question, that doesn't mean "yes" or "no" are valid answers. The asker wanted to know how to modify that route table. – djmitche Jan 15 at 20:56

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