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    • FreeBSD 10.0
    • Squid 2.7
    • PF


All the connections need to pass through an external authenticated proxy, so i need to proxy all outbound ftp and http connections through a local transparent proxy, who will be responsible to authenticate within the parent proxy.

I already have managed to get the local squid proxy to authenticate, but i'm struggling to redirect the outbound connections through the proxy.

/etc/pf.conf # Network


set skip on lo
scrub in all

# Transparent Proxy
rdr pass proto tcp from any to any port {www,ftp} -> port 3128

# RDR Rules
rdr on $IFACE inet proto tcp from any to any port {www,ftp} -> port 3$

# Allow SSH
pass in quick on $IFACE inet proto tcp to $IFACE port { http ssh } flags S/SA k$

# Pass out all
pass out quick on $IFACE inet proto { tcp, udp, icmp} all

This seems to be working with inbound connections, since i can see the parent proxy requests in the access.log, but i get nothing when i try a wget www.google.com per example.

How can i proxy this outbound connection?

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