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I know how to install additional PHP to exiting one in Virtualmin (actually I have 5.4 and 5.5 together) but how I can add PHP 5.2.17 to 5.4? The way which I have used is not working in this case

I need to have one Virtualmin machine with that version of PHP for some old websites which client doesn't want to upgrade.


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Too bad. PHP 5.2 is long dead and has multiple security issues. Don't even THINK about allowing your client to not upgrade his app. –  Michael Hampton Apr 16 at 14:26
I know that, but he keeps me kind of "hostage" and asking for small dedicated server just to keep those websites alive :\ –  JackTheKnife Apr 16 at 14:32
You are not hostage. You can always refuse his business. I would never accept a client who put me at risk in such a way. –  Michael Hampton Apr 16 at 14:40

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