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I plan to do a tinyurl like site. The problem is i dont want domains to hide behind me if they are up to no good. An example site is Firefox+google reports it as a attack site. If i can get an automatically updating blacklist for these domains (or links but i prefer domains) then great. Blocking adult sites is good too.

What can i do to prevent abuse of my service?

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Google provides an API for their attack site detection.

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You could lean on Google's malware report. They might (probably) have a web service for this, but for starters you could parse the response. Compare for example the Google Safe Browsing report for with the same for ServerFault.

Hope that helps.

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@ceejayoz has a better approach. The API is a far better method, quicker, official, and probably supported and less likely to change without notice. – Bernhard Hofmann Aug 29 '09 at 6:51

Along with Google's malware detection, check submitted URLs against a couple of URIBLs to weed out spam.

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