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It seems that WSUS isn't smart enough to know which updates are actually appropriate for Windows Server Core installs. For example, WSUS wants to install Server 2012 R2 Update (KB2919355) but it fails (gave it a shot but didn't have confidence it would succeed.) And WSUS believes there are still 14 updates this server needs. Four of those are Silverlight.

Now, I don't truly know whether Core edition needs Silverlight (that's sarcasm) nor do I know whether the recent "Update" for 8.1/2012 R2 is needed for Core (not sarcasm) but on the surface it would appear to be inappropriate.

I'd rather not let this server live its life as continually having need for 14+ updates and 1+ failed updates.

Thoughts on how to handle this? I'm a bit surprised that MS has not made better accommodations for handling updates on Core since that's what they are pushing.


I've learned a few things.

  1. KB2919355 installs fine on a 2012 R2 Core server. Just make sure you have plenty of disk space available! (ha)
  2. The server itself knows better when it comes to which updates need to be installed. In the case of Silverlight, WSUS reported that my Core server needed them even though they were set to "Not Approved" and when it came down to it the server didn't have them on its list of needed updates. As it stands, WSUS says the server still needs 4 updates but this is inaccurate because they are all for Silverlight.
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My suggestion is:

  • Move the Core Servers into their own Computer Group in WSUS
  • Decline any updates not appropriate for that Server edition (e.g. Silverlight!) (Well, Silverlight actually does not belong on a server at all - other story)
  • WSUS only does what you tell it to do - you approved Silverlight for the Server (or at least you did not decline it)

This should get you started.
I have installed KB2919355 sucessfully on a Server Core installation.

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I'm working on a WMI filter to get these servers in a better group. But how do you decline an update for a single group? It seems the best you can do is leave it at "Not Approved." Also, Silverlight is appropriate for RDSH servers but I made a special group for those servers and specifically approve Silverlight on that group. –  idon'twearsuits Apr 19 '14 at 15:36
You're right, you can't decline per group. –  MichelZ Apr 19 '14 at 15:57

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