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I am using astersik real time (dynamic). I have entered my SIP trunk details into the sippeers tables.

However, the sip trunk does not perform a register with the SIP TRUNK providers servers as it would if wrote it in sip.conf manually as

register => username:password@

I use the recommended sippeers table as describe at the asterisk documentation:


I know that the sip trunk is not being registered because :

  1. i do not see it as registered when i do a sip show registry on the asterisk CLI

  2. When i attempt to make a call, asterisk throws a forbidden error.

  3. It however recognises my sip trunk as a peer.

  4. When i manually write the entries into the sip.conf file, it all works. i.e: register statement and sip trunk peer description.

Any inputs will be appreciated.

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