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We are using RHEL5, and have numerous servers running 2 different versions of net-snmp (one is rolled up into a vendor application, one is standard net-snmp, and then both instances are proxied so that either one can poll the entire OID tree).

Recently our security folks began using a new tool and it dinged us because we are using the default config, which allows snmp v1 and snmpv2, and they want us to solely be using SNMPv3. Configuring v3 isn't tough, but how exactly do I disable v1 and v2 connections? Or does creating the v3 user automatically disable v1 and v2?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Have you tried How to disable SNMP v1 and v2c leaving SNMP v3 enabled from Red Hat? I don't have a current support contract, so I can't read it. –  yoonix Apr 23 '14 at 18:59

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