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Subject : VPNC allow local LAN access in spite we activate the vpnc on my Linux red-hat machine

As all know when we want to activate the cisco vpn on win machine , once vpn is active then the LAN port isn’t access for ping or ssh

The story is very different on linux machine ( I have linux red-hat machine VM- ware machine)

I install VPNC on my linux red-hat machine version 6.3

And activate the vpnc ( after I configure the .pcf file )

Vpn was activate , and I can ping to customer gateway

Until now everything is ok


I notice that my LAN in my linux machine is still have access , its mean I can ping from my linux machine to other external machines in the network

So , how it can be ?

Why vpnc not block the LAN as it should be ?

VPNC WIKI link - https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Vpnc

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