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In my DirectAdmin '/usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf' config I've changed the mysql sock path to a normal Debian mysql sock path. (directAdmin used alternative paths). I did not stop mysql in the first way but wanted to restart the service after I did the change.

Now, I got the error:

Stopping mysqld:        [ FAILED ]
Starting mysqld:        [ OK ] 

probably because of mysql.sock isn't there anymore because of some reason (I don't know why it is lost). I removed my alternative sock path from the config and tried to restart again. Without any success.

I understand this error comes one because It want's to delete the mysql.sock so it can create a new on at the startup. The problem is I can't find any sock file, so I guess it's lost (:/)...

Is there an fix to repair this issue? I removed the alternative path, all configs are as it was before.


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