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and thank you in advanced for your time and cooperation.

I have a simple scenary. We have a VPS (venet0) with IP x.x.x.251 and currently, the main IP is part of eth1, but I need to force the traffic from (src x.251) to IP to be out using eth0.

I already tried few commands like these:

[root@dns02 ~]# ip route add via $ETH0GATEWAY dev eth0 src X.X.X.251 dev venet0 RTNETLINK answers: No such process [root@dns02 ~]#

Can someone give us an idea of what is wrong?

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Use the code-block to format your command line output correctly. Why does your command to have a route have 2 dev options? Is it eth0, or venet0? –  Zoredache Apr 28 at 21:53

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