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I have a shared hosting environment with cPanel installed managing all email creation, forwarding and all other tasks. But now I have moved to VPS using CentOs and already installed postfix, dovecot, roundcube and set up an email server. Now I need to migrate my emails from the cPanel and into the VPS. What I would like to know is the process of integrating those mails to Postfix/dovecot.

I have saved the entire mail folder from my cPanel. public_html/username/mail which has many emails. I would like to know if someone has done the same thing and successfully migrated their servers.

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postfix is not involved in a simple maildir migration. postfix just transfers incoming and outgoing mail, mail storage is dovecot's job.

it is possible to transfer the contents of a maildir onto a new server, dovecot should load the messages just fine. however, if you're doing it this way there is a chance you mess up file permissions, message flags, folder separators etc.

I'd recommend using a tool like imapsync or a service like migrationwiz instead which makes the migration process very easy, you basically just give them account data for both servers and let the tool handle the rest.

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