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I recently setup some new computers (running Win8.1) for the staff here. These machines use folder redirection (as we always have) with Offline Files sync. I have not traditionally used Offline Files but I've turned it on to give a bit of extra resiliency and performance while working with their files.

Today it was brought to my attention by someone that they cannot rename a file if they change the letter case only. When they do this they are shown a popup that says they need to get permission from their selves to perform the action. Their choices are Try Again and Cancel.

For example, the following will fail:

filename.txt --> FILENAME.txt

But the following will succeed:

filename.txt --> xFILENAME.txt --> FILENAME.txt

My files are being redirected to the same fileshare* by the same group policy but I am not using Offline Files and I do not experience this problem.

I've checked with another user that is setup like the original and they also experience this problem.

If this is a known bug my I have not been able to find an answer.

* The fileshare is running on Windows Server 2012 with deduplication enabled on the volume.
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FWIW, I see the same behavior on an off-line file. –  uSlackr May 2 at 20:44
What do you mean off-line file? A normal file that is not redirected and not synced locally by Offline Files? –  idon'twearsuits May 2 at 22:12
@idon'twearsuits Yes, that's what he means. This is a problem with Windows going back to the FAT-filesystem days, and I assume it is still an issue because of how Windows handles FAT-compatibility. Not related to offline-files or folder-redirection. I recall having some documentation from a support KB about this somewhere... I'll try to dig it up. –  HopelessN00b May 3 at 0:09
@HopelessN00bGeniusofnetwork Interesting... I don't think I've ever seen this before in all my years doing this. –  idon'twearsuits May 3 at 3:04
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