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I have some random files that I would like to collect and forward to my logging server. These are applications that don't really support GELF, so I am trying to forward these files with rsyslog:

# Apache access log
input(type="imfile" File="/var/log/misc/blah.log"
Tag="Apache Access Log"

*.* @@log.ospreyreach.com:12514

Some issues/questions:

  1. This forwards all the syslog files. How can I specify only certain specific files to get forwarded?
  2. This does not seem to collect any data from the file I defined. I see regular syslog messages popping up in my graylog server, but not that file.
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I think you may need to read a primer on syslog. Syslog doesn't send files, syslog sends messages with both a facility and a priority tag associated with the message. *.* is not a filename, it's saying forward every message from any facility and with any priority. –  yoonix May 3 at 4:47

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