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I have a very large executable (237 MB) called dotnetfx35.exe.

This may be .NET 3.5, or it may be .NET 3.5 service pack 1.

How can I tell which one it is? (Short of downloading the .NET 3.5 SP1 file and doing a comparison).

On the version tab I have:

  • File version: 3.5.30729.1
  • Description: .NET Framework 3.5 Setup

If you have downloaded the SP1 full installer file (not the bootstrapper), could you please tell me the file version number? Then I'll know if I have to download it or not.

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What architecture is it? I have the .NET 3.5 SP1 redistributables, and their details are:

  • x86: 3.5.30729.1
  • x64: 3.5.30729.1
  • IA64: 3.5.30729.1

Hmm I see a pattern emerging here. Looks like you have the SP-1 install.

(P.S. You can this info verbosely by looking at the "Product Name" value in the Version tab of the Properties box)

Update: Turns out this information is not really correct. Look at the following screenshot:

Dot Net 3 Point Five Version Numbers

Left = SP1 install, Right = Non-SP install. They are the same version number. I'm going to say that your version is the non-SP though, because SP1 is missing from the description according to your post.

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It is the original release of .NET 3.5. It does not include the service packs.

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