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I can't find any clear info online for what I'm trying to do, hope you can give me an answer :)

I'm using a Windows 7 client (pctest) joint in a domain (domain1.intranet). I've installed the RSAT to peform an assessment of the resources on a Windows Server 2008 R2, a domain controller in a domain (domain2.intranet) different from the one to which my user belongs.

What I want to do is list all the Group Policies that affect a user in domain2 (domain2.intranet\the_user). I found two commands that perform the task:

  • Get-GPResultantSetofPolicy
  • gpresult

And here is my problem, the two commands have no problems in retrieving info from my domain, domain1, and my computer but give the following errors when run against domain2:

1) Get-GPResultantSetofPolicy -user domain2.intranet\the_user -reporttype html -path c:\TheUserReport.html

Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy : The Resultant Set of Policy (RSOP) report cannot be generated for user domain2.intranet\the_user on the pctestcomputer because there is no RSOP logging data for that user on that computer. This could be because the user has never logged onto that computer.

2) gpresult /user domain2.intranet\the_user /z > policy.txt

In policy.txt it writes only the following line: INFO: The user "intranet\the_user" does not have RSOP data.

The first wants me to log in on the Win 7 pc with the_user, and I cannot, the second command is not reading correctly the target domain!

Does someone knows how to perform correctly the task? Thank you!!!

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