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Got some servers with RAID Controllers and SSD.

Raid Controller: LSI MegaRaid 9271-4i
SSD: Intel 520

The MegaRaid controllers have the ability to update drive firmware using MegaCLI.

Intel for example only offers a Firmware Update Tool, and not direct .bin Firmware files.

Is there a possibility to update these drives without pulling them out and attaching them to a normal SATA controller and using the FUT? Any other ways you can think of for doing this? Or do people using RAID Controllers + SSD not update their SSD Firmware's at all?

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You don't have an option to do this through your RAID controller. In practice, I don't update SSD firmware unless it's fully vendor-integrated (Like Fusion-io or HP-branded and Dell-branded Sandisk enterprise disks).

If you DO need to update the firmware, you will need to connect directly to a SATA port and use the manufacturer's utility.

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