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I am reading some advice on the internet for a solution to another issue I have. It requires me to change the listen to /var/run/php5-fpm/php5-fpm.sock.

I however don't have that folder.. I have a php-fpm folder but that's it. I have installed all php-fpm repositories I found, I have enabled the remi repository, and yet when I run the command:

sudo service php5-fpm status

I get this:

php5-fpm: unrecognized service.

info.php is telling me however that I have PHP 5.5.12 FPM/FastCGI installed.

I am a n00b to creating my own servers, I use google for everything. Any ideas?


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Stop following random advice on the internet and read the official docs for the software you are trying to use so you understand it. – yoonix May 7 '14 at 21:59


Unix sockets

Troubleshooting services

# Find out what the service is ACTUALLY called before running it
ls /etc/init.d/ | grep "fpm"
ls /etc/init.d/ | grep "php"
rm -rf /

Read manuals and try to understand things before blindly following instructions online.

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