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I ran into a problem with triggers wich stopped me from logging into my databases. I hoped that reinstalling the software would fix the problem but instead it created a diffrent problem, my sql server does not see (local) anymore. Note that i installed SQL server with Visual studio 2010. So im am quite sure that i installed Sql server 2008 R2 Express, not 100% positive. I checked this by using;

osql -L

Some stuff that might help: I also ran into a diffrent problem when trying to manually connect to a specific database by browsing to it (a Database i ran fine before the problem) and it gave me;

Cannot be opened because it is version 661 This server supports version 655 and earlier.

I also had SQL server manager studio express installed. And as i am not quite sure what i did at the time i set all my servers up it is possible that i installed a second server with that tool instead of applying it to my excisting server.

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You installed SQL Server 2008 (version 655). Your database is SQL Server 2008 R2 (version 661). Your server doesn't support your DB. stackoverflow.com/questions/4257684/… –  Bacon Bits May 8 at 13:28
So what you are saying is that i installed 2 sql server versions (like i tought) Sql server 2008 R2 with visuals studio and sql server 2008 with Server management studio? And thus my problem would be fixed if i uninstalled all sql server installtions and reinstalled only sql server 2008? –  The Donger May 8 at 13:45
No, he means you should upgrade to 2008 r2. You have a newer database and an older database server and that never ever works. As you should know as admin in professional capacity (which is required on this site as per FAQ). –  TomTom May 8 at 13:53
I believe that is what happened and that is why you cannot attach the database file. However, if you only install 2k8, you will not be able to attach the database file giving you an error, however. You require 2k8 R2 or later to attach that file. Whether or not uninstalling 2k8 and replacing it with 2k8 R2 will fix your problem remains to be seen. If you have a login trigger defined and it's causing errors, you'll need to start in single user mode... but I don't know offhand if that's what has happened or if Express even supports that. –  Bacon Bits May 8 at 13:54
@TomTom "Upgrade" might be a misnomer here, since you can install multiple instances of SQL Server side by side, even (AFAIK) SQL Server Express. –  Bacon Bits May 8 at 13:58