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I am using Git as my method of managing source control. Currently I am just using Git on my local machine with a local repository. I have a networked server setup which I would like to configure a repository on. Essentially I want to be able to push to the networked server, thus cutting out the need to use GitHub.

Someone has mentioned that the use of a daemon will be needed so that i can essentially tell Git to push to a repository at an arbitrary URL, for example "MyServer:8443/GitRepository/".

Unfortunately, I am completely lost on how exactly I go about doing this and would greatly appreciate some help.

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What OS is your server? It's a lot easier with a linux server.

You can do it as follows (presuming you already have ssh access). I shall call your server sally, and your desktop dan, for convenience.

Connect to your server from your desktop:

ssh sally

then on the server, create somewhere to keep your repos:

mkdir -p /var/git
cd /var/git

Now you have somewhere to keep stuff. Next we will presume you already have a git repo for your project called 'project1.git' on your desktop. You can do the following for each new project:

Still on the server

mkdir project1.git
cd project1.git
git --bare init   #use bare as you don't need the files checked out on the server
touch git-daemon-export-ok   #for later if you set up the git daemon (optional)

Then back on the desktop, push your changes to the new repo on the server:

git remote add origin sally:/var/git/project1.git
git push origin master

That's it. You can then clone from another machine with

git clone sally:/var/git/project1.git project1.git

Optional extras:

  • Set up the [git daemon][2], to share without needing ssh access.
  • Set up [gitweb][3] to get a nice web interface

2 - http: //

3 - http: //

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It's Windows Server 2008....But thanks for the tip! :-D – Goober Aug 27 '09 at 13:02

Just push through SSH; setup your remote as MyServer:/path/to/gitrepo and away you go. If you want to provide read-only access to the Internet at large, you can either use HTTP, or git-daemon to support git:// protocol URLs.

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To avoid having complete shell access, use git-shell along with SSH as the user shell. – sybreon Aug 27 '09 at 11:25

I found this link to be the most helpful : Intall Git on Windows Server 2008

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