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I'm new in apache balancing stuff.

I'm reading the docs in link text

<Proxy balancer://mycluster >

ProxyPass /test balancer://mycluster/ 
  1. to start where do I put the above configuration (I mean, in wich file, vhost? httpd.conf?):
  2. How do make it work?


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you put it in your vhost configuration. as below:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  <Proxy balancer://lb>
     BalancerMember timeout=10s 
     BalancerMember timeout=10s 
  ProxyPass /lb/ balancer://lb

  <Proxy balancer://fo>
     BalancerMember timeout=10s 
     BalancerMember timeout=10s status=+H
  ProxyPass /fo/ balancer://fo

first one is for 50-50 load balancer, second one - one dedicated master [ preferred server ], another - hot standby to which requests are sent only when master is down.

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I put that, but no redirections aways the same address, I restart apache without errors! any thing I should do more? – Pedro Aug 27 '09 at 14:00
@pcamacho - i assume you have necessary modules loaded..,, make sure it's not your browser's cache playing tricks on you - disable/clean it. – pQd Aug 27 '09 at 14:25

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