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I am trying to copy backup files of my companies mail server to our backup server via RSYNC. I use this same script for backing up our web hosting server backup files with no issues. When I type this out by hand from the command line it works perfectly, but when I run it from a bash script all I receive is the incremental file list and no files are copied. Here is script I am running. Please help!



$RSYNC -ae "$SSH -i $KEY" --progress --log-file=rsync.log $RUSER@$RHOST:$RPATH $LPATH
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$LPATH is not defined. Your script has no destination to copy the files to. You are missing an L where it says PATH=/backup/path/mailserver-folder.

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Holy Cow! Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes you look at something for so long something stupid like that slips past you. I made the fix and it is working fine. Thanks! – user3645482 May 16 '14 at 17:35

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