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I'm attempting to configure RabbitMQ with SSL using client certificates for authentication on a windows server 2012 x64 box. The Erlang version installed is OTP 17.0 for Windows x64, Configuration is as such: {rabbit, [ {ssl_listeners, [5671]}, {auth_mechanisms, ['EXTERNAL']}, {auth_backends, [rabbit_auth_backend_ldap, rabbit_auth_backend_internal]},

{ssl_options, [{cacertfile,"D:\\RabbitMQ\\certs\\cacert.pem"},
      {ssl_cert_login_from, common_name},


Whenever I connect, the client throws an error and the log file gets an entry like:

error on AMQP connection <0.310.0>: {ssl_upgrade_error,{options,{certfile,[68,58,92...

I've gone through the SSL Trouble shooting guide and confirmed that:

  • The certs are in the PEM format
  • The Broker is listening on the correct ports

The last bit of the trouble shooting guide indicates that "This is a generic error that could have many causes. Make sure you are using the recommended version of Erlang." Is there a version of Erlang I should be using other than OTP 17.0?

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