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If an Apache server receives a single HTTP request with multiple ranges requested in the header, in the access log, does it log one entry per range requested, or just one entry like normal?

The reason I ask is because we've been seeing a large number of log entries from certain user agents, which is similar to the issue described here - Apache - disable range requests - disadvantages?

What I'm not sure about, is whether the user-agent is genuinely sending 000s of requests like the logs indicate - in which case we need some sort of network flood control in front of apache - or whether the large number of logs is misleading and actually there is only one real HTTP request, in which case the solution in the link above is sufficient.

I can't find any info on this specifically in the Apache docs or by googling.

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A single request, even with multiple (potentially overlapping) ranges, should only log one entry.

Check tcpdump and watch the traffic to be sure, but it sounds like you are getting large numbers of distinct requests.

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