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If any of you know if there is a possibility of implementation "Force check now" just like in Nagios? the problem is that some check have a high update interval time for example 10 minutes, and sometimes there is a need to test something quickly.

In Zabbix Jira i found something like that's : https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBXNEXT-473

Please give me some advice

Regards Mick

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There is currently no such feature and ZBXNEXT-473 is the correct place to track its progress. –  asaveljevs May 22 at 8:18

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On the server, there is a command `zabbix_get' which exactly try the value of the key immediately.

sudo zabbix_get -s hostNameOrIP -k keyName

So easy!

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Yeah but there is some way to do this from GUI ? –  Mick May 22 at 8:11
@Mick, I don't know any way in graphical except setting time interval for 5 seconds or less or more in item's configurations. –  shgnInc May 22 at 8:33

One (quirky) way might be to visit the configuration for your problematic host, then choose Triggers, then configure the alarming trigger, choose Expression constructor and from there Test.

I know this might not perform exactly what you are after for, but it's better than nothing.

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