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Running Windows XP SP3

AUTOCOMPLETE checkboxes are indeed selected under CONTENT TAB and ADVNCED TAB in options.

Autocomplete web addresses works.

Tried so far. Removed IE8 reinstalled. Cleared TEMP internet files Rebooted after changes Cleared save autocomplete options cleared password and form data, rebooted. Turned autocomplete on for all 3 fields. Reinstalled IE8 many times. Removed IE8. Reinstalled IE8. It just won't save any form field in an web page I visit.

I even added a new user added to ADMIN group and that person has same issue also. So not applicable to my admin username.

ProtectedStorage server is running.

System File Check did not find anything.


In the registry in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Intelliforms there should be 3 subkeys

SPW Storage1 Storage2

On a PC that does work IE8 XP SP3, these subkeys are quite full of data. On the PC that does not work, these Subkeys were missing.

I manually added the three subkeys, rebooted and still did not work.

Google search is not helping on this one.

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Heres the fix

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