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I have a multi workstation LAN with Apache2 serving a website at and running on Ubuntu Linux. This LAN is segmented from another LAN via a router, from which all machines on this LAN receive their IP's.

Is the following concept feasible or is there a more sensible way?

The goal is to make the LAN behave similarly to how functions on the Internet. With this in mind, I would like to setup one of the workstations with CentOS 6 and configure it as a DNS server and an apache webserver that is configured for wildcard subdomains. All subdomains from this server shall point to the website on the Ubuntu server at IP

So that, for example, with a domain of local.lan on the CentOS server, any requests from any browser on the LAN, i.e. for *wildcard.local.lan, will be resolved to the site residing on the Ubuntu webserver, while all non local addresses are directed to the Internet.

Some of my concerns are:

Will dnsmasq suffice as the dns server in this configuration? What are some key configuration notes for dnsmasq and apache in this multi server configuration? Will I still be able to use the router for the IP's? Are there simpler alternatives?l

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